Wedowee Hospital Swingbed Program

A patient may be on the road to recovering his or her health, but a physician believes there are a few more steps the patient needs to take before he or she can be moved, or discharged, to a lower level of care – such as an assisted living facility, home with the help of a home health provider or a home where he or she will receive care from a loved one.

The swing bed program at Wedowee Hospital is designed for that type of need, preparing patients for life after the hospital.

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An Expanded Option for Care

Wedowee Hospital offers a number of “swing beds” for patients who require a less-intensive level of care than they have received while in the hospital but who are still not ready to leave treatment.

By using a swing bed at Wedowee Hospital, a physician can provide access for up to two weeks of additional care. Services available while part of the swing bed program at Wedowee Hospital include:

  • Skilled nursing care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Repiratory Therapy
  • Education about living with a condition or recovery
  • Time to understand a new treatment that will be needed outside the hospital

The use of a swing bed can ensure that a patient is healthy enough and prepared for the lower level of care he or she will experience after being discharged from the hospital, which also can help ensure that a patient will be less likely to require future hospitalization.

How Is This Different From a Regular Hospital Bed?

In short, it’s not. Even the beds and rooms themselves are the same.

A patient can be discharged from the hospital and admitted to the swing bed program at Wedowee Hospital to focus on recovering from illness. The patient will receive weekly visits from a physician and constant supervision from a team of highly skilled nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Routine general testing will not be performed unless there is a change in the patient’s condition.

The patient will continue to receive meals from the hospital, nursing care and all the other services available to every other Wedowee Hospital patient.

Does Insurance Cover a Swing Bed?

Using a swing bed is a covered benefit under Medicare and almost all commercial insurance. Wedowee Hospital’s Case Management Department can verify coverage for the swing bed program.

Swing beds at Wedowee Hospital are not, however, covered by the Medicaid programs administered by Georgia and Alabama.

Is a Swing Bed at Wedowee Hospital the Right Choice?

If a patient no longer requires intensive inpatient treatment and is ready to step down to a less rigorous level of care, a physician may consider writing orders to discharge the patient from the hospital and admit the patient into the swing bed program at Wedowee Hospital.

The physician’s order will be reviewed by Wedowee Hospital’s Case Management Department, which can help to evaluate and identify additional resources or other options for care that may be available to the patient.

If the physician and case manager find that admission to Wedowee Hospital’s swing bed program will be the most beneficial to the patient, then he or she will be admitted to the program.

This is not a long-term solution for a patient’s healthcare needs. Before being admitted to the swing bed program, a discharge plan must be in place to ensure that a patient will continue to have access to the resources he or she will need once healthy enough to leave the program.

More Information

Case Management and Nursing Administration can be reached by calling 256.357.2111.

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